WRS Handguard Extension Kit Transparent for BMW R 1300 GS ('24 up)

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WRS Handguard Extension Kit Transparent for BMW R 1300 GS ('24 up)
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WRS Handguard Extension Kit Transparent for BMW R 1300 GS ('24 up)


Motorcycle Models: 

  • BMW R 1300 GS ('24 up)

Available in:

  • Transparent

art. BM098TAU


Mounting kit included in the package

Handguards made with high quality materials, 2 mm thick.

3cm taller and 3cm wider than the original.

Made following the strictest safety standards and respecting the know-how that guarantees maximum resistance.

Motorcycle handguards are a sophisticated and functional addition to your vehicle, offering reliable protection without compromising style.

Made from high-quality impact-resistant material, these handguards are designed to blend effortlessly with your motorcycle's original design.

Their ergonomic design adapts perfectly to the motorcycle grips, offering complete coverage of the hands to ensure comfort and safety in all riding conditions.

Fitting this pair of handguards is incredibly easy, without the need to make any modifications to the bike.

The included mounting accessories allow for secure and stable attachment to the handlebar ends, keeping the handguards securely in place even during the most demanding conditions.

With these handguards, you will have the opportunity to customize your motorcycle by adding a touch of elegance without compromising functionality.

By protecting your hands from the elements, these handguards will help make your ride more comfortable, allowing you to tackle any weather condition in style.

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